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Interview with Courtney Blooding (Chartmaker studio)


Production coordination, assistant engineering, demo singing and much more. All by one person. She's young, very kind and precious at Chartmaker. asked Courtney Blooding to tell us about her working relationship with David and some interesting studio stories.


Q. How did you get started in the music field?

A. Well, both of my parents are musicians so I grew up around music and loving it. But it was when I was about 7 that I sang on a Christmas album for The Judds that I realized I wanted to be involved in the music industry.

Q. How did you meet David Foster?

A. About 2 years ago, I sent David my resume through his brother-in-law in hopes of getting to work for him. David wasn't sure at first so I asked to just come meet him for one day. I guess I must have shown a good work ethic or something because a month later I started working for David and haven't stopped since!

Q. Would you tell us about your working relationship with Foster?

A. I must say that David is a wonderful person to work with and for. He is a fair, understanding, honest, and kind employer. I strive to be more like him in everything I do. All of us that work in David's studio do many jobs. I do a lot of production coordination for all of our projects as well as assistant engineering, singing demo vocals, and many other things. It's a true team effort here in his studio, so we all pitch in for whatever is needed.

Q. What are the most important things you have learned from him?

A. I have learned that it is the people around you that make you a can't do it all alone. He's really helped me to develop my ear in hearing musicality and how to improve songs and seeing the whole picture. But I think the best thing I've learned from being around David is that honesty is always best. David will always be honest about what he thinks about a song or an artist...he is always kind in his response, but honest. When people bring him songs to hear, they need someone to tell them is sounds great if it doesn't. They need constructive criticism. That's the only way to improve. I have also seen David get advice from others about songs he's working on. That may be another reason that he is sooo successful. After all, wouldn't you rather have honest feedback from people you trust than find out from everyone else in the world?

Q. Given your experience at Chartmaker, are there any particular studio stories you would like to share with us?

A. Well, one of the more interesting things that occassionally happens here at the studio is when one of our favorite musicians comes to David's to lay down some tracks. He often times flies in in a helicopter, lands on David's front lawn, plays the session, and then we all get a quick ride in the helicopter before he takes off and goes back home!

Q. We know you are a songwriter, which genres of music do you like? Some favourite artists?

A. Oh, I love just about all music. It almost goes without saying that I love Celine, Whitney, the Corrs, Josh, and all the rest David's artists. But I also love Linkin Park, Renee Fleming, Jesse Norman, Faith Hill, Tobey Keith, Rascal Flatts, Limp Bizkit, Muse, Kelly Clarkson, Wynona, and this list goes on....I like musical theater and opera, R&B, rap, country. The only thing I really look for is quality music.

Q. Sure you must have met many big stars, who has impressed you the most in terms of talent and on a more personal level.

A. So far I has been Celine. She is so very kind and sincere. She is a hard worker. David says that she is the one artist that has not changed since the very first day he met her. Fame and money have not gone to her head. She never complains. She is still the same great, warm, hard working person she has always been. I have also been very impressed with Renee Olstead. She is a very mature, kind teenager with an amazing talent. Not only does her voice exceed her age, but her maturity and intellegence do as well.

Q. What are your goals for the future?

A. I've wanted one thing in my life since I was about 10 or 12. I want to be a record producer. I've wanted to work for David and learn from him since that time and I hope to take the knowledge I learn here and apply it to my dream career of being a producer. There are not many successful female producers out there, but I want to make that happen. I hope to be a great producer and wonderful person.....Just like David!

( - December 2004)