Video: David helps Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush to become a singer


David at Access Hollywood


David was on Access Hollywood going through the process of recording a single with Billy Bush.

Here’s the story (from Access Hollywood website):

“Paris Hilton sang “Betty Davis Eyes” at Sundance 2006 and Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush was a witness. “She was way off the mark,” Billy noted at the time, but upon hearing the celebutante again, he was given an idea. The next time her single ‘Stars Are Blind’ was playing on the radio she sounded pretty good. “What happened?” Billy wondered aloud. “Did she take vocal lessons or was the song doctored in a studio?”
With the Grammys under a week away, Billy began his own reach for the singing stars, starting the “If Paris Can Do It: The Birth Of A Single” campaign. This six part series follows Access Hollywood host Billy Bush as he meets and works with a music dream time in the hope of becoming a singing sensation. “I’m ready to become a massive recording artist,” Billy exclaimed during his first visit to the studio where he is paired with 43-time Grammy nominee David Foster.”

Here are the videos:













The single: “Three wishes”


3 Replies to “Video: David helps Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush to become a singer”

  1. Billy Bush is a no talent piece of crap who works for a piece of crap tv show. They are all so full of themselves just because they interview celebrities. Somehow, they now think they themselves are celebrities. What a complete joke. Oh yeah, his song was absolute rubbish.

  2. when will billy bush’s song be available in full for purchase on itunes. I love the song,the words are great and would like to use it to dance with my son at his wedding. Please help me with this. I really want this song

  3. Went on itunes can’t find Billy Bush’s ” Three Wishes” Really like the song , when will it be available? Would like to have it for the holidays this year. It would mean alot this Christmas, please let me know where I can find a copy. Thank you.

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