Renee’s new album hasn’t been released yet…


Renee Olstead


Lot of fans are asking for more info about Renee Olstead‘s new album “Skylark”.
As many of you already know “Skylark” was announced to be released on June 2006 for the first time, then it’s been postponed on February 2007 by Warner.
Now it’s March and the album isn’t in stores yet, so what?
Due to decisions by Warner’s staff David and Renee had to record some new tracks to complete the tracklist so they still need a couple of weeks in the studio.
By the way songwriter Kara Dioguardi has penned a new song and it should be included in “Skylark”.

I’d be happy to announce the release date soon !

Update December 20th 2007: According to Renee Olstead’s official website ( the new album “Skylark”, produced by David Foster, will be released Spring 2008.

Update January 16th, 2009:Renee Olstead’s new album “Skylark” will be released by Reprise Records on January 27h, 2009.

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  1. I’d be happy if you announce the realese date soon as well. Thanks for making this news post, even though it seems like you haven’t really gotten any new news. It’s nice to know someone’s acknowledging our concerns.

  2. No, she won’t go pop…the new album will follow the lines of the first release…jazz/pop standards with a few originals. 6 songs that were originally recorded last summer will make the cd along with newly recorded songs (the Dioguardi/Foster song included). I am positive all the fans will be more than pleased with it and absolutely worth the wait.

  3. I saw Renee at Vibrato a year ago and she sang a really cool bluesy version of a Motown Song that she said would be included on Skylark. I can’t remember the name of the song, but it was a pretty famous song and she did an AMAZING job with it. Can you tell me if there are any Motown songs on Skylark?? Thanks!

  4. Me again … I think the song might of been “Ain’t No Sunshine”, I’m not 100% sure though … oh man it was sooooooo good though.

  5. Thanks so much for the update. I have been wondering about it and when it was coming out.
    And I love the song Ain’t No Sunshine. I could see Renee singing it – I’m sure the new album will be great!

  6. I am excited about Renee’s new CD. If we ever see it or hear it. It would be nice if someone would update her website. There is information on there from 2005. Pretty sad that no one can keep up on the website.

  7. You’re right Sally. It’s a shame the website hasn’t been updated for 2 years. I bet they’ll start again when (when?) the cd will come out. The same thing has happened with Michael Bublè’s website, frozen for a couple of years and now is brand new for “Call Me Irresponsible” release. – Christian

  8. Well we’re into June now. Wow, I can’t believe there’s still no news. (end sarcasm) Come on man, it’s been like what four five months since there was any real news and it’s been two months since you made this post basically saying that you still didn’t have any news. I’ve become dulled to the excuses. Let me know when the record company gets serious about releasing this album.

  9. The album is finally ready…it includes 12 songs, mostly standards but also a couple of great originals, one of them co-written by David Foster with Renee. There’s also a great new song cowritten by Foster with Kara Dioguardi entitled Loneliness that will instantly become a fav of all Renee’s fans. I obviously understand the frustration of this long wait but it’ll be totally rewarded as soon as the album is released.

  10. Any news on release date for Renee Olstead? Like she has dropped off the face of the earth. Her website has not been updated in alomst 2 years.

  11. To Mr. Foster,
    Please let us know the exact date if theres any re: Renee Olstead new album “SKYLARK”?…..Hoping there s no problem or trouble in releasing this album. I am looking forward for the release sooner.


  12. You know it really doesn’t do much for your credibility when you say stuff like “the album is finally ready,” and a month later there still, STILL isn’t a release date. So what, were you just full of BS? Just say it man, The album still isn’t ready, you don’t have to lie and say it is. Maybe if the record company wasn’t so grossly incompetent the album would have been released by now. Don’t lie again and say it’s ready. When you actually have a release date, then you can say it’s ready. Because I’m so sick of hearing this BS.

  13. Thomas, this guy has no affiliation with David Foster or Renee Olstead so get off his back. I too am frustrated that there is no release date for this album. We all have been waiting “patiently”. I personally cannot wait for thing album and hopefully a little tour!!! Please give a release date

  14. I never said he did, but he’s the middle man and he shouldn’t say stuff like “the album is ready”, when it obviously isn’t. You shouldn’t get peoples hopes up by relaying false information and presenting it as true. I just want him to get his facts straight. Because this isn’t the first time I’ve heard “the album is ready” so yeah I am getting sick of hearing it because I know it’s most likely BS. I don’t want to hear “the album is ready” I want a god damn release date.

  15. Why? If it’s really ready then they can give a release date, instead of keep sitting on it. If the album is ready, then release it.

  16. There is no, NO, good reason for the album not to have a release date, if it’s been done and ready to go for over a month. You’re trying to tell me we the fans have been waiting patiently for an album that was originally supposed to come out A YEAR AGO, and it’s been ready for over a month and the only logical reason why it doesn’t have a release date yet is because the record company doesn’t want to release it yet. This is just BS, we’ve waited far longer than we should have been, and it’s ready and the stubborn record still won’t give a release date. Renee should move to a record company that doesn’t treat fans like ****.

  17. ok Thomas, I can agree with you. There is no good reason for the album not to have a release date.
    Why Warner isn’t giving a release date? I don’t know why. Try to ask them, I haven’t any connection with Warner. Please don’t be upset with me, I’m just a fan like you. Thank you.

  18. i think if she is going to do more albums she needs to break her contract w/ wb as i have heard they are in bad shape at the music section
    too bad they can’t get her album out she is such a wonderful singer

  19. I apologize. I’m not upset with you personally, I’m upset with the situation. I don’t know how to contact Warner, why don’t you tell me how and I’ll direct any future complaints at them.

  20. I truly believe that someone out there, has a “hard-on” for Renee. Shame that the public (her fans) are being lead on and teased with the notion that a new cd is coming soon. SUCH BS ! In the past, I have had the utmost respect for David Foster. Now I see him as someone who does not tell the truth. Stop what you are doing sir. Stop the stall tactics, please. S–t or get off the pot!

  21. Ok this is my last post on this subject. The cd is ready, has been ready for quite sometimes now…many changes were made since the original version was recorded over a year ago. I have no idea why warner isn’t releasing it yet but David Foster sure hasn’t any responsabilty with it. He worked his usual magic in the studio with Renee, now it’s up to warner’s execs to give the final result to the audiences and promote it in the best possible way. Sure i understand the fans’ frustration but don’t blame Foster for the situation. As i stated before once you’ll listen to the album you’ll forget all this talk and just enjoy a great record by a great singer.

  22. Dan I appreciate you posting that so much. But I went to the site, downloaded the song and I can’t get it to play. What kind of music player does it need to play?

  23. Well it’s been a little while but I do recall when I clicked on it to try and play it I had trouble with it too. It said I needed a licensing code. Well I typed in RayBan and got it to work. Make sure you capitalize each word. It plays in all my music players now except that it’s protected so I can’t get it into my ipod. You’re going to loveeeeeeeeeeee this song though 🙂

    What happens when you click on it? Do you get the licensing code error?

    email me at

  24. Well I got the song to download okay, but when I click on the file I just get a message saying “The movie could not be opened” “The application attempted to use an unsupported feature”

  25. Hmm it seems like someone needs to relax…the songs are ready and the album has to be released sooner or later…Foster did a great job with it but unfortunately it isn’t up to him to decide the release date, let’s wait and see what happens.

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