Audio file: Michael Bublè live at Fiorello


Michael Bublè


Michael Bublè did a beautiful and funny live performance presenting his forthcoming album “Call Me Irresponsible” at Italian radio show “Viva Radio 2” with Fiorello and Marco Baldini. Here are some excerpts with Michael singing “Everything”, “It Had Better Be Tonight”, a duet version of “Home”, an amazing rendition of “Always On My Mind” and “Sway”.
Also, listen Michael doing Elvis and Eminem…enjoy !



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  1. What a voice Michael has! I’ve have always loved “Always On My Mind”, and have to say I LOVE Michael’s interpation the best! Thank you for sharing this. I can not wait to see him in concert again.

  2. Yes Jan, isn’t this version of “Always on my mind” really great? Tomorrow (sunday) Michael will be on a TV show here in Italy, I’ll do my best to record it and post the video, I’m sure he’ll be huge again !


  3. Michael sounds just wonderful. I love his version of “Always on my Mind”. His voice is so rich and deep and he puts so much emotion into this beautiful ballad. I can’t wait to see this wonderful entertainer in person again.

  4. I agree Lynne, his voice is becoming better while the time is passing. You should listen the gorgeous duet “Wonderful tonight” too. Amazing. We can’t wait to see him live !

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