David Foster opens Pacific Symphony ’s 2017-18 Pops season

David Foster Pacific Symphony

Pacific Symphony’s 2017-18 Pops season: great opening with David Foster

The Symphony Pops 2017-18 season will break out of the gate when Symphony welcomes for the first time one of the most successful music / entertainers in history – 16-Year Grammy Award Winner David Foster!

This great opening of Pops, led by Symphony’s favorite Albert-George Schram, features Foster performing successful songs, along with special hand-selected guests from his unprecedented catalog.

Among his popular hits (written for artists including Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, Barbra Streisand and many others) are “You Are Inspiration”, “The Prayer“, “Glory of Love” and “St. Elmo’s Fire “.

In addition to his numerous Grammy Awards, including three for the producer of the year and another 47 additional nominations, Foster won an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe, and received three Oscar nominations for Best Original Song. “I have never had the opportunity to work with David Foster before, so I am eagerly looking forward to doing so,” “says Master Schram.” “He’s sort of the Big Cheese, the Grand Poobah, the Impresario, The Godfather to a few generations of musicians. He is truly respected and has coached and produced recordings and performances for more artists than God. He’s also a gifted pianist, raconteur and gracious host. And he will be opening Pacific Symphony’s Pops Season! What a coup! Plus, he will have some unexpected, impromptu guests who will perform with us—so it promises to be an exciting weekend, indeed!”

“David Foster with special guests” Pacific Symphony tickets available

Pops Symphony’s opening concert,”David Foster with special guests “, will be held on Friday-Saturday, October 13-14, at the Concert Hall Renée and Henry Segerstrom. Pops subscriptions at seven concerts from $ 245 to $ 1,099. Single tickets are $ 35 – $ 159. For more information or to buy tickets, call (714) 755-5799 or visit www.PacificSymphony.org.

“I was once again asked to have the orchestra strut its considerable stuff in the first half,” remarks Schram. “This excites me to no end, because Pacific Symphony is one of my favorite orchestras to work with! They are responsive, perform brilliantly and are adventuresome. If they like you as a conductor, they will follow you where they do not usually go. On occasion, they have even danced and sang with me. From my point of view—what’s not to love? These are wonderful people and great musicians.”

“Since David Foster is such a ‘world’ musician,” Schram continues. “I picked first-half repertoire that celebrates songs and dances by the Viennese Johann Strauss to the very American Irving Berlin. It’s great fun music, which our audience will love. No better way to kick off a brand-new Pacific Symphony season!”

There will also be music from Percy Grainger of England and a Spanish piece by Manuel de Falla.

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