Carla Bruni “French Touch” produced by David Foster – 2017 New Release

David Foster Carla Bruni French Touch


Carla Bruni ‘s new album “French Touch” is produced by David Foster

Carla Bruni offers a pop popular and sophisticated. Undoubtedly he has a lot of talents, and this last collection of songs – all covering and singing in impressive English – reeks of good taste, careful artistic choices and a wide knowledge of popular music, from which she extracted material, as you said, which “swept away”.

She is a great pop-rocker and the songs start from Stones’s “Miss You” at Abba’s “Winner Takes It All” and “A Perfect Day” by Lou Reed at Willie Nelson‘s “Crazy”.

The David Foster trademark

The production of hitmaker David Foster is impeccable, suitable for the sensual quality of Bruni’s voice. Music is a blend of well-integrated jazz, pop and rock-lite. There are no lines of guilt, neither in the catchy quality of her voice nor in the excellent performance of the session men.

This is a good and sometimes inventive album.

How Carla Bruni and David Foster met together

“French Touch” brings together a delightful treasure of sentimental fables; all reworked in the intimate and moving acoustic style of Carla Bruni and chosen for their personal meaning in their own words, songs inspired by the French term for love at first sight : “coup de foudre”. “Coup de foudre” describes more or less what happened when Bruni met the producer, composer and musician David Foster, Grammy winner, after a LA performance in 2014.

Foster volunteered to produce the next Carla record on place and the two have started a transatlantic song sharing, which was formed during the recording sessions in Paris and LA.

The French touch is warm and familiar, and Carla inevitably is. Very melodious, warm but minimal and often lazy playful – all the arrangements in this collection were given to the French Touch, and still have all the universal appeal as their original ones, though with a taste sprouted all of them.

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