Carla Bruni performs live “French Touch” [VIDEO]

Carla Bruni French Touch

Carla Bruni performing live a few songs from “French Touch” for Le Figaro

Carla Bruni ‘s “French Touch”, which is coming out Today October 6th, consists of covers only. The original artists vary considerably – Abba, AC / DC, The Clash and Lou Reed, among others – but Bruni turns everyone into a luxurious and retro style of pop standard with his breathing but raspy voice.

It is Bruni’s second English album after 2006 “No Promises”, in which he adapted poetry. Bruni makes music on the guitar but says he does not feel comfortable writing the lyrics in English.

David Foster produced “French Touch” new album by Carla Bruni

Bruni thought of hiring a co-writer and talked with David Foster, the veteran musician who worked with soft-rock wonders like Chicago and Celine Dion. But after hearing the covers, Foster signed up to produce a full album value.

Bruni brings a sensuality slightly to the classic “Crazy” by Patsy Cline, with country legend Willie Nelson duet for a more twangy choir.

One surprise from Bruni’s album — a passion for country music, a genre not known for its European following.
“I love country music. To me it’s the white blues,” Bruni said.

And she sings Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” — controversial on its release in 1968 for its message, at a time of cultural tumult, of marital fidelity.

Bruni was once involved with Stoney’s frontman Mick Jagger but insisted there was no channeling him. “The Stones Are The Stones, They Are For Anyone,” he said.

Bruni said it was not so much offering an alternative interpretation of The Stones or The Clash as he was performing songs he loved.

“There is no logic and no reason,” she said on her album with a laugh. “All these covers have been made with a lot of fun – but also with a lot of modesty.”

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