Carla Bruni: “Collaborating with David Foster was a dream” [Interview]

Carla Bruni French Touch

Carla Bruni – ” French touch”

With a newly released cover album, French Touch, the singer-songwriter is bringing her French croon to classic hits like “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones, “Stand by Your Man” by Tammy Wynette and AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” Although it’s Carla’s fifth studio album, it’s just her second in English.

“My cover songs are like lullabies,” the mother of two says. “The album is made out of admiration for these songs.”

Q. The songs on French Touch are very eclectic. You cover Frank Sinatra, Lou Reed and Depeche Mode, among others. What drew you to these songs?

A. Most of these songs I discovered when I was a teenager and I loved to play them on my guitar. It’s me coming back to all these songs that were so much fun when I was younger. There’s something about music that goes straight to your memory, and that’s how the album was made.

Carla Bruni met David Foster in Los Angeles

Q. What was it like to collaborate with a hitmaker like Canada’s David Foster, who produced your album?

A. It was a dream. Working with very talented people … they make you feel talented. I met David in Los Angeles – he was the head of my label at the time, Verve at Universal – and he came to my concert and said to me, “I like your voice. Let’s write some songs in English.” And I said, “What? I can’t. I already tried.” He said, “Let’s choose songs. A cover album.” And I said, “Bingo.”

Q. What’s next for you – is a tour in the works?

A. Yes, I’m going to be touring in Europe, South America, Asia and North America. I’ll be here in Canada in February. It’s going to be a long time touring then I’ll pray for my life to continue as it is. I pray for my children to grow up, and I pray that I die before my man and my kids – I wouldn’t want to live without them.

Source: Hello Magazine

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