William Joseph going to Europe to record new album


William Joseph


Pianist William Joseph is recording his second studio album, following the Foster-produced debut “Within”. He’s wrote a few lines for his website:

“Hello family and friends!! I am sitting at the airport right now waiting for my long flight to Europe. While sitting around anxiously I realized that it would not be right if I didn’t share this upcoming experience with you. Many of you may ask… “Why is William going to Europe?”. Well I will tell you “I am going to Europe TO RECORD THE REST OF MY ALBUM!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! I have been recording my piano parts with David Foster in Malibu for the last few months which has been amazing. What a great learning experience! We are now flying to Belgrade to record a 72 piece orchestra! This will nearly double the size of the orchestra from the last album!! I am absolutely thrilled with the direction this album has taken. I wish I could make a few of the songs available for you to download RIGHT NOW but… That’s pretty much impossible. The goal is to release the album early next year. I can’t wait!!!!”
Stay close by and I will keep you posted,
William Joseph”

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  1. I’m so pleased to hear about your new album coming out in January. I,ve been playing “Within” since the release. Just great music. Good luck to you and I’ll be looking forward with much anticipation.

  2. Good luck to William! We met in Phoenix when I was visiting in concert–found him to be a very special talent, with a warm heart and good soul. I am sure he will have a successful new album in the making.

  3. Hi William, Can’t wait for your new album, please can you tell me the estimated date itis out so that I can order it. Your first album is nearly worn out so hurry up and give your fans the new one.

  4. We have seen William,
    In Vegas with David Foster, in California with Clay Aiken and again in AZ.
    Then his solo tour in Atlanta in Jan. 2009.

    William Joseph’s concert is a must do for anyone’s bucket list!

    From Las Vegas to Atlanta,
    We are…
    Fans from the beginning!
    Robin and Family

  5. I respect David Foster for everything he did and does in Music.. He’s creating new beautiful music, we know so many very loud names in music, David worked with..His charity events .. But the most important is what David Foster is doing- he’s discovering
    new young musicians, singers who will be greatest in nearest future – Michael Buble,
    Michael Johns, Charice , William Joseph..This is just priceless.

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