Heidi Montag to start recording debut album with David


Heidi Montag


According to Realitytvworld.com “The Hills”‘ star Heidi Montag is starting recording her debut album in February 2008 with David Foster.
Here’s an excerpt of the article:

“She’s preparing to begin working on her debut album in February. Thanks to help from Pratt, Montag was put in touch with Grammy Award-winning music producer David Foster.

David Foster heard I was working on music and he was like, ‘Come by the studio, I’d like to see if you can sing,” Montag told Blender. “So I sang for him a little bit and he was like, ‘Okay, great. Let’s do this.'”

Despite the aid of a well-known producer, Montag’s first foray into the music industry hasn’t been without its problems. She performed her song “Higher” during her 21st birthday party at a Las Vegas nightclub, a performance that was largely met by boos.

“It’s not a song people know and can sing along to, and it’s not a club song where people can shake their booties. So it was maybe not the right place,” Montag told Blender. “But a lot of people were screaming and saying, ‘I love it, I love it, I wanna buy your CD right now!'”

Montag — who claims she’s “always been singing” — described her upcoming album as “kind of like the Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and Fergie.” Her talent has already been praised by one — albeit not the most objective — critic. ”

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