Video interview: David Foster on Tom Green’s House Tonight

David Foster and Renee Olstead were part of a special episode of Tom Green’s House Tonight !
Here’s the one hour show while David and Renee talk and perform on piano. It’s a must see, enjoy !


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  1. David said the album will be out in May, but Renee corrected him later and said it was June. I hope that’s true. The sound sucked on this show, but I’m sure Skylark will sound great on the album. I can’t wait for the tour !!!

  2. I had pre-ordered Skylark from Amazon back in June 2006 and, after several postponements of the release date, had Amazon eventually cancel the order on me. I’ve held my breath pending its eventual release until I’ve turned every imaginable shade of blue.

    When I finally heard Reneé sing Skylark I broke into goose-bumps. I just hope the CD is released in June so I can have it before I die.

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