Katharine McPhee announced her collaboration with David Foster


Katharine McPhee


From The Press Association:

Katharine McPhee has been named as the new spokesperson for Neutrogena.

The American Idol finalist has signed a two-year endorsement deal with the skincare brand to become the new flawless face of their anti-acne product range.

“We are delighted to confirm that actress-singer Katharine McPhee is working with Neutrogena on an innovative new project that brings consumers the next generation of skincare,” a spokesperson from the company told E!

The 24-year-old singer joins the ranks of other beautiful young ladies such as Jennifer Garner, Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton, Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Love Hewitt, who have all endorsed Neutrogena in the past.

Katharine, who tied the knot to Nick Cokas in February, has already shot the first ads in Los Angeles last week, which are expected to be shown from May.

She has also announced that she is starting work on a second album, which will feature collaborations with Canadian songwriter David Foster.

Source: ukpress.google.com

9 Replies to “Katharine McPhee announced her collaboration with David Foster”

  1. pattisdpage-

    According to you,Neutrogena must be throwing there money away.

    I’m curios as why you have this hatred for Katharine McPhee.
    Has she hurt you personally in some way?
    If you don’t like her as a performer that’s your right,but every time you talk about her your tone is vicious and disrespectful.
    Lighten Up-

  2. I Love Kate she has an amazing voice i have her debut album and i love it i think it´s great for her to have someone so powerful like David it feels like the begining of a new Celine Dion../ Whitney Houston.

  3. Every time Katharine performs she shows her exceptional talent, and the collaboration with David Foster will be a great success. Sorry pattispage…if you didn’t know this already, Katharine McPhee’s first single made number 12 on the hot 100, and it was produced by Foster. The next album will also do very well and prove that you are wrong.

  4. I just saw on Katharine’s website that her new album “Unbroken” has been pushed back to January 2010 from an October release date. Evidently, Verve Forecast has had problems deciding on a decent schedule. Take it from Renee Olstead fans, this is nothing to get worked up over.

  5. I like Katherine as a person and as a performer. I do believe that she is a very understanding person, patient and accomodating. She has good looks together with a good voice. I will wait for her album no matter how long it will take.

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