David Foster and Friends event in Las Vegas


David Foster and Friends


“David Foster and Friends,” a tribute to the celebrated composer/producer featuring Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli, Katharine McPhee and others, takes place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on May 23. Tickets are $175 and $275 and go on sale at noon Saturday at the Mandalay Bay box office, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South, and Ticketmaster outlets.


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  1. Hi David –

    I can’t believe what an amazing group of artists have been gathered together for the wonderful tribute to your music. I am doing everything possible to get out to Vegas for this. You are so deserving of this honor. I hope to see you next month (well, from the audience). In the meantime….keep on keeping on.

    All The Best,

    p.s. Is there any chance that Clay Aiken will be part of this tribute? I know he is a friend of yours and that he thinks the world of you. Take care ~e

  2. Dear Mr. Foster,

    I have been following your career ever since I was a teenager. You are a true genius and what’s more impressive is you have gathered the best talents in a great show most people could ask for. Your concerts that featured Mr. Andrea Bocelli, “Under the Desert Sky” and “Vivere” in Italy are just two of my most favorite. Believe it or not, each morning when I get up, the first thing I do is click my cd player on so that I could listen to Andrea Bocelli. Inside my car, the only cd’s I play are those of Michael Buble and Andrea Bocelli. Yes, I am a fanatic of your music and I have every valid reason to be one. Mr. Foster, your music will always be remembered as, perhaps the best comtemporary/classical an artist has ever accomplished. I wish you the best and I will hope to shake your hand after your show here in Las Vegas! More power to you and your entire group.

    Very sincerely,

  3. I was wondering if Michael Johns will be performing in the event and if so, can you let us know what he will be singing?
    thanks very much!

  4. Hello. Please advise whether Michael Johns is included in the lineup. Me and my friends are really looking forward to it.

  5. I am so excited for this event! The lineup is great-especially Katharine McPhee. I am so happy for the upcoming McPhoster CD. haha Can’t wait!!!

  6. Michael Johns was indeed there and he was terrific. If you didn’t get to go, just buy the dvd when it comes out. The concert had the potential to be the most amazing thing ever, but sadly, the sound was bad at times and we could not hear many of the performers.(Especially Bublé!) I expected better sound quality for my nearly $300 ticket, but I’m sure that won’t be an issue on the cd/dvd.

  7. I would have loved to be there!! What an awesome mix of vocalists. I am a big fan of Buble, Groban, Bocelli. Also now a big fan of Michael Johns. I can’t wait to buy this DVD in the fall, it will be well worth it.

    Catherine or anyone else there – what did Michael sing at the concert?

  8. Dear Mr David Forster,

    In behalf of the Filipino people, we would like to say thank you for recognizing our own Great Talent Ms. Charice Pempengco. We’re all very proud of her. God bless.

  9. I love the concert!!! I can thank you enough for having two of my favorite artist in the same room Michael Buble and Andrea Bocelli. Even I think Michael was sick, which he was been for the last couple of weeks, I love every second of his performance and his voice couldn’t be sexier. I saw him three weeks ago and he has a wonderful sense of humor and his willingness to interact with his fans. Michael was the only artist who jump to the floor and started taking pictures with his fans and talked to a couple of us for a minuter or so. Even when we saw him and many of the other artists at the after party, he smiled and waved at us. Thank you soo much and congratulations on all your success!! Can’t wait to buy the DVD and CD!!

  10. Michael Johns sang a song from St Elmo’s fire and something else, I don’t remember what. (Sorry, the concert was 4 1/2 hours long & there was a lot going on!) Michael Bublé sang “Save the last Dance for me” and he did a duet of “Home” with Blake Shelton & some other stuff. All & all, it was an amazing night. I would sure love to see David Foster do something like this in Las Vegas every year! The cd is available for pre-order from Amazon.com already, with a release date of September 30. It will be televised on PBS in December.

    (By the way, you know this is not Foster’s website, right? I believe it is run by Christian Di Carlo)

  11. According to all reviews and comments I can read on bungalow-b (Michael’s official website), this show in Vegas was great with very nice people. Michael was very nice with his fans as usual.

    So thanks so much Mr FOSTER to find all these beautiful voices !

  12. I wasn’t attacking Bublé, just saying many of us couldn’t hear him. (As well as a few other performers.) Many of my friends, family, and co-workers attended the concert, and anyone who was seated further back than mid-arena had difficulty hearing some performers at times. I’m a long time Bublé fan, (and yes, bungalow-b member) I’ve seen Michael perform many times in Vegas & So. Cal, and he is always wonderful. That doesn’t change the fact that the sound was bad at times. It should not have been.

  13. Ooops, sorry, I see that you mentioned there will be a CD and a DVD available at some point. I didn’t know that his wasn’t Foster’s site, LOL. When we first found out that Michael Johns was going to sing at the event, this was the only site that mentioned the performance at all so we thought it was related to David Foster. I wonder why no other Foster sited listed it? Oh, well, it can be hard to keep websites current.

  14. Hi David, thanks for including Charice in your charity concert with your friends at Mandalay bay. I hope, this reminds you of Josh Groban when he did his first duet with Celine Dion concert that openned the door for him. You said yourself, you don`t want to work with singer/s ? who can`t sing.Hoping that you will give her the chance to sing , your songs that you stash in your vault, just waiting for the right one to come. I think , she the one David.That young girl came a long and hard road, all she need is a composition from you to record that will give her self identity. Again, thank you so much.I like to say God bless you ! ! !

  15. Dear Mr. David Foster:

    Thank you very much, it was an honor to the Filipino people for including Charice Pempengco in your concert. You are such a good person to let Charice to be part of your show and recognized her talent. God bless you and we hope that you will make Charice a big star.

  16. Dear Mr. Foster,

    I can’t wait to watch to a full concert of your newest baby Charice Pempengco.I wish you guys come for a concert in Dallas,Texas.

  17. David:
    I am a 52 years old man. I always wanted to be a professional singer but my family decided that being an engineer was the best for me. Well, I like being an engineer but I am still a singer and I always be. I guess I am too old for this now but I dream about being singing a song with you in one of your shows. I don’t want to die without fulfilling my dream. They let children fulfill their dreams but who dare to let an old man like me to live his dream. I want to do the song “America” ( Nino Bravo-spanish singer who died in a car accident in the best of his carreer and… yes that’s how strong my voice is..) I am originally from Colombia ( South America) but I live in North Carolina now. TKS and GBY

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