Charice live from Italian TV show




Charice performed in Italian TV show “Ti lascio una canzone” on April 4th 2009. She sang 4 songs receiving standing ovations. Amazing videos, enjoy !


I Will Always Love You

I Have Nothing


The Prayer



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  • New Brunswick, Canada  says:

    Thank you, Mr. DAVID FOSTER for your endless support to this young lady… CHARICE! This girl grew up without the love and any supervision from her real dad. And YOU, allowing her to call you”DAD” is PRICELESS! YOU ARE MY HERO, DAVID FOSTER.
    CHARICE… always LISTEN to you “FOSTER-DAD”. HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. Be humble, PRAY and do what is pleasing to GOD.


  • dan vibat  says:

    I think, this is my 46 times listening to Charise’s show in Italy very addictive huh..I would like to thank the people of Italy for allowing Charise to be invited in your Country and would also extend my deepest Sympathy to all Families who lost their Love ones from the earthquake stricken countryside of Italy, my PRAYERS TO ALL OF YOU…GOD BLESS YOU ALL… DAN..SAN FRANCISCO, CA.

  • jester  says:

    mabuhay david foster !!!!!!

    juz like JEP said…. next country please !!!!!!!!

    with the long span of your successful career, a crystal ball may not be required to fortell that the world will utter the name of CHARICE.

    let us…. cherish charice’s charm & challenging chants.

  • john /of cebu  says:

    wow.,, next venue pls,, let the whole world hear ur voice.. i agree the idea of american idol appearance and china,, thank DF for giving charice this great deal.. cha,, if you visit other country try to sing a song that is their own song,, it will add their admiration to you,, and dont eat so much a day before your performance.. just an advice..

    thanks ellen ,oprah, david and to all

  • Anrez  says:

    Just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Soooooo addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous  says:

    Charice half Chinese too(?), bring her to China.

  • Max  says:

    Mr. Foster,

    You asked in an article published in what the fans thought of ‘Note To God”. This Chaster thinks it is the most powerful song I have heard in years. Charice performed it as only she could. Your arrangement, the orchestra, the choir, the fog, the screen fog and Oprah and Dianne’s body and facial expressions all combined to create one hell of a performance.

    I read where Charice and Oprah cried together back stage after the show. I hope that was recorded and Oprah would give permission for it to be shown here on your site. As a matter of fact, I enjoy the crowd emotions after her performances almost as much as the performance itself.

    It is easy to understand why you were awarded 15 grammeys. Charice’s performance took my breath away.

  • Anonymous  says:

    charice just have that overwhelming stage presence everytime she performs that’s why i can’t stop watching her! go go charice!

  • NeedsSaid  says:

    When is she going to get the tooth fixed?

  • mingsfan  says:

    To yuenpit (#6): DF must have been listening. Charice performed “Power of Love” at DF & Friends concert in Las Vegas May 9. It was amazing! (It’s on YouTube.)
    To: NeedsSaid (#59): I hope Charice never gets the tooth fixed. I think it’s unique & cute.

    Mr. Foster: I understand that the first stop on Charice’s world tour will be Canada. This wouldn’t be in your home province of British Columbia, would it? Also, please stop in California — San Diego, LA, and San Francisco Bay areas have the largest concentrations of Filipinos in the US. When will we know more specifics on dates/places?

  • xanderguillard  says:

    I have been following Charice for 3 years now and she keeps improving! The Lo Canto numbers were much better renditions, even of the same songs I have heard Charice sing -IWALY, I have Nothing, etc.

    Charice, under the mentoring of David Foster has remarkably improved and for this DF is the guy who deserves the credit.

    Now it isn’t just the POWER that amazes me, there is so much vocal dexterity, texture, different approaches, etc. UNDENIABLE INDEED!

  • William Ramos  says:

    Hello Mr. foster, I have followed most of Charice performances since she appeared on You Tube and have downloaded almost all her videos. Would it be too much to request for her with you in the piano do a cover of Basia’s Time and tide. It would be interesting to listen to her interpretation of that classic song. Thanks.

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