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Whitney Houston


New Whitney Houston Album Set for September Release
Management confirms the diva is back this fall with a new material

From softpedia.com:

Talk of a new album from one of the best-selling female performers of all times, Whitney Houston, has been going strong since the beginning of the year, but it’s just now that anything official is made public. “Undefeated,” Whitney’s comeback album, will hit music stores worldwide on September 1, her record label tells People magazine.

“Houston’s seventh studio album – rumored to be titled ‘Undefeated’ – will include the Diane Warren-penned ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’.” People writes, citing speculation in the US and international media. Although the record label is yet to make the official name of the comeback album public, chances are it will most likely go by the one just mentioned above, as it will mark a new stage in the singer’s life, one where she is no longer tied to former husband Bobby Brown and she is a different woman.

As fans must know, although she no longer performed for wide audiences and has not come out with anything new in terms of studio material since the 2003 “One Wish: The Holiday Album,” in recent months, Whitney has been keeping a relatively higher profile than before. Aside from performing at Clive Davis’ renowned Pre-Grammy Party, which is also the one event where he introduces the upcoming stars of tomorrow, Whitney has also been doing photo spreads for various magazines to start promoting the album when the time comes.

“The same way her debut album took a while to put together, you just don’t do it by going into a computer. You wait for the material to justify a new album. Pretty much, it’s come in.” Davis was telling the media back in February this year, confirming speculation that she was gearing up for a major comeback. “You wait for the great songs to be written. The great hits Whitney has given to the public for so many years – you keep encouraging and setting the bar. R. Kelly and Whitney just went into the studio with a great song called ‘I Look to You’.” Davis further explained.

Also then, Davis confirmed that the yet-untitled album would include the love ballad “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” that the diva recorded with the help of hitmaker David Foster.



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