Video Interview: Q TV / David Foster on Haiti, Benefit Concerts and the Grammys


David Foster


4 Replies to “Video Interview: Q TV / David Foster on Haiti, Benefit Concerts and the Grammys”

  1. I love it when David does an interview. He speaks straight from the heart and he’s right up front about things. It’s refreshing listening to him speak about anything he does.

  2. What a great interview it is always so great to see you and what a great job you do with the David Foster Foundation. I wish you all the best at the Grammy’s and hope you win. It will be nice to see your PBS special on Haiti you put on such great concerts it was so nice to see you in Vegas on your last special there

  3. I have known Fos for over 30 years…I spent many a time with him in the studio, hung out with him in a variety of settings and when I was in the music business, could always count on him to return my calls and follow through with whatever he promised. He never ceases to amaze me with his honesty, openness and sincerity. I kind of laugh (to myself) when I hear so many folks just now ( or within the last few years) finally jumping onto the David Foster bandwagon. They act as if they have invented the wheel or sliced bread… Ha!!

    For those of us who have known and loved Fos for a long time, we know that as far as pop music is concerned, from the 70’s to now, the guy is a musical icon, bordering on genius. All of the music he has been involved in, all of the songs he has written or produced and all of the artists he has guided!! There has really been anyone like him.

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