“Hitman Returns”: some videos from YouTube

These videos come from YouTube and are provided to people not lucky enough to attend the show. Looking forward for the PBS Special and the CD/DVD release !

Charice sang a group Tribute song to Michael Jackon as well as two other songs: *To Love You More” and “All by Myself”.




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  1. Charice just keeps getting better and better love watching her I can’t wait for this dvd to come out I will definitely buy it

  2. David Foster’s show with Charice is a blast. It’ll make you shout out loud for MORE!
    From funny “fixes” that seemed to be a part of the show… to it’s main core of the show…Totally magnificent at it’s best. It is an experience of a lifetime.
    MUST WATCH to see and not miss any future shows. The line-up was great with it’s performances. Sir David Foster well deserves deep honor, respect and admiration.

  3. Attended the show @Mandalay Oct 15 and was blown away by the whole thing!!!
    Every single artist that appeared was terrific!! It is a show I will never forget having so much professionalism and entertainment! So many of my favorites appeared for David as well as wonderful newcomers! It’ll be forever till I go to another concert that could ever measure up!

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