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David Foster wouldn’t say no to be married again

After four divorces, David Foster says he is open to reuniting again with the singing voice with singer Katharine McPhee.
After having divorced her fourth wife Yolanda Hadid earlier this month, 67-year-old Canada native has not sworn all women, having recently seen McPhee.

“It’s quite obvious by my track record that I love being married, so I wouldn’t say no to being married again,” Foster tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I like the concept, I’m just not that good at it.”

David Foster is going to tour US

Although David admits he is not “good” at marriage, he is a musical talent and he can not wait to go back on tour. The songwriter, who has not shot in the US since 2010, will launch his Hitman tour in Palm Desert, California, in March, PEOPLE reveals it exclusively.

“I wouldn’t mind traveling and not working,” he tells PEOPLE. “The only time I’ve ever traveled is for work. I want to go to the Antarctic. I just have this pull to get there. And I’ve never been to South America, which is kind of weird, but I’d like to go there to just hang out.”

“I’ve toured extensively in Asia and I figured, why not stay at home?” L.A.-based Foster says. “The thing about Asia that’s so great is the people seem to really care there about who wrote the songs. They don’t necessarily want the stars standing in front of them. They just want to hear the songs. And we’re thinking America is ready for that kind of thing too.”

David Foster is searching for the next Josh Groban and Michael Bublè

Instead of legends such as Andrea Bocelli, Céline Dion, Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand performing the songs they have released with Foster, they will have singers like American Idol alumn Ruben Studdard and Pia Toscano, in addition to unknown talents, take the stage. If the producer has his way, the fresh faces will explode like Michael Bublé and Josh Groban, the latter of whom Foster staged in 1999 after meeting his mixtape.

I joke with Josh and Bublé all the time; I go, ‘I’ve been looking for the new you for the past 10 or 15 years,’ ” says the 16-time Grammy winner. “But I just can’t find them because the longer I go, the longer I realize how extraordinary Josh and Michael are. They’re total one-offs.”

The long list of legends that Foster has worked with has added Mariah Carey, Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. And while the hitmaker can not promise a Taylor Swift style tour that every day has a difference in guest appearance, Foster hopes to bring out some of the great names.

“I won’t be able to do that,” he says referring to Swift’s 1989 tour, “but I might be able to give a surprise or two.”

PBS will perform again the David Foster Hitman concert

In front of his next launch of the tour, PBS will perform his 2008 Hitman concert: David Foster and Friends. The two special hours highlight Foster’s shows along with dozens of great collaborators like Bocelli, Bublé, Brian McKnight and Blake Shelton. It will include some unprecedented movies, such as an exclusive clip with Dion.

“Getting so many big stars together for one night was almost insurmountable [in terms of] the amount of work my manager and I had to do to pull it off,” Foster recalls. “But it was just an amazing night — kind of like my funeral while I was alive.”

Foster is still writing music for the upcoming Betty Boop musical

In addition to preparing for the tour and the relaunch of the special concert, Foster is writing music for the upcoming Betty Boop musical. He also bought a new place in Manhattan with the hope of immersing himself in the city’s culture and demonstrating he has what it takes to do it on Broadway.

“I think the Broadway community, they don’t take people like me lightly. A West Coast, pop guy blows into town, thinks he can write a musical,” the Asia’s Got Talent judge says. “But I’ve been working on Betty Boop for seven years, so it’s not just an overnight thing. I know I need to do my part to be accepted in the Broadway community.”

Source: People

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Interview with Dirty Loops in Singapore 2012


Interview: And the beat goes on …



Global Times | 2012-11-14 18:20:04
By Li Yuting
Photo: Cai Xianmin/GT

Known in the record industry as the “Hitman,” David Foster turned the Shanghai Grand Stage into a talk show with music on Tuesday night. During Hitman: David Foster and His Friends, he was sometimes the quiet piano player, occasionally the good-humored host, at times the modest singer performing a few lines, and at other times the talent scout offering audience members an impromptu 20-second audition.

During the golden age of pop music in the 1980s and 90s, this songwriter and producer won 16 Grammy Awards and was a three-time Oscar nominee. Among his smash hits down the years are “I Swear,” “I Will Always Love You,” “Because You Loved Me,” “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” and “The Prayer.” Some 20 of Foster’s hits were performed at the Shanghai gig by four of his biggest stars: Chaka Khan, Babyface, Peter Cetera and Hayley Westenra.

Great voices

Now 63, this Canadian-born discoverer of new talent admitted that he felt “nervous and scared” before the Shanghai gig. “I love great voices, and everyone you see on stage has a great voice – except me,” he modestly told the Global Times.

A little more assertively, he continued: “I probably have a good sense of melody. Everybody says to me, ‘you’re a magic guy; you found Celine Dion when she was 10, you found Michael Bublé singing at a wedding, you found Josh Groban here, Charice there.’ But I would say I’m just an average person. I do have some skills such as playing piano, writing songs, arranging and producing, which are God-given talents,” he said.

This is Foster’s third time in China, and his second in Shanghai, but it was his first-ever concert in the country. The Global Times caught up with him beforehand.

GT: Do you think your songs have had much influence on Chinese audiences and musicians?

Foster: I have no idea, but when I played in Bangkok and Jakarta, amazingly audiences sang along to everything we played – and not just the major hits.

The pianist Lang Lang is my friend, and I love his soul and spirit, as well as the composer and conductor Tan Dun, who is such a peaceful person.

GT: You have been a composer, arranger, producer and television host. Which of these roles do you most enjoy?

Foster: You know, when I go to the doctor’s and I fill out the form and it asks for “occupation,” I still put musician, because that’s what I still I feel I am as a piano player. I think I’ve been working hard to make the most of my talent in roles like, as you said, television, composing, producing – the glamorous parts of my life. But my favorite job is still piano playing.

GT: What is the secret behind your inspiration and energy when it comes to making music?

Foster: In the show you can see different performance styles but they are all based on my core belief – I love melody and I love quality. In the 1970s, I was just learning “how to be me” like anyone else when they were young and stupid. In the 80s and 90s I had so many hits and I really found where I belonged musically. All my classical influences as a child, and all the hardships that my parents endured to get me piano lessons and orchestra lessons, all came together to ensure I made quality music. In the 2000s, I wasn’t able to write top 40 hits anymore, so I changed direction and found people like Michael Bublé and Josh Groban. And when I work with Andrea Bocelli, Rod Stewart and Seal, I still find ways to make music, to keep myself happy and to still sell CDs. I want to sell and I want people to buy what I do. It’s tough in the digital era, but it’s not impossible.

GT: You are closely associated with female superstars like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Do you like the title “the diva maker?”

Foster: I have six sisters and five daughters, so maybe I prefer working with women, or are better with them. But you know, I’ve worked with many men, too: Michael Bolton, Bocelli, Chicago and Michael Jackson among them. I don’t think I’m a “diva maker,” but I’m good with women.

GT: Are you still scouting for new talent today?

Foster: My latest discovery is 12-year-old Jackie Evancho who really understands music. It’s not just like she sings the songs, but she really knows what her job is. And also on this tour, I’m featuring a new group I signed and love called “Dirty Loops.” They are three young kids (average age 25) from Sweden, who perform jazz-style music.

GT: Any advice for young Chinese musicians and singers?

Foster: The road of any career may zigzag, but you have to try to go straight. That means putting all your energies into it, 24/7. You have to work on Saturdays and Sundays, because if you don’t, there is someone else who will and he will get there before you. And you have to be the leader, not a follower. I know in Asian culture there are a lot of followers. It’s ok to be influenced by music of America and the UK, but don’t copy it.

GT: You’ve won so many Grammys and other awards. What is left to achieve?

Foster: I want four more! 20 Grammys would put me in the top 10 of all-time winners. I’d like people to say about me: “He did good, and he did his best.”

Article: From evergreen to the latest hits



By Zhang Kun in Shanghai (China Daily)


Not many people in China know David Foster as a performer, but they are familiar with the songs he wrote and the stars he discovered. The Canadian composer, music producer and arranger will make his debut in Shanghai, with a concert named David Foster and His Friends.

The show will take place at Shanghai Grand Stage on Nov 13, featuring veteran singers such as Chaka Khan, Peter Cetera and Babyface (Kenneth Brian Edmonds).
Foster, 63, was the producer and arranger of I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, and composer of Tell Him, the duet by Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand. So many singers and performers have worked with Foster that he has been recognized as an integral part of the music industry since the 1990s.
He has won 16 Grammy Awards, and been nominated 47 times. He was also nominated three times for the Oscar for best original song and won the Golden Globe award for The Prayer (sung by Andrea Bocelli and Dion) from the movie Quest for Camelot.
Still, Foster says: “I don’t know what to expect in Shanghai, whether they know anything about my music, whether they will be excited or disappointed by it.”
One of the most famous stars discovered by Foster was Dion. Foster used to travel hundreds of miles to hear her sing in Montreal, a young woman of 19, speaking no English and singing in French.
“I saw stardom right away. Sometimes I am wrong, but I saw stardom the second she opened her mouth to sing,” Foster says in a telephone interview. He encouraged her to study English and produced her first English album, which was an immediate hit.
For the China concert, besides veteran performers such as Chaka Khan, Peter Cetera from the former Chicago band, and Babyface, Foster will also present Hayley Westenra, a young classical crossover artist from New Zealand, and Dirty Loops, a rising new band from Sweden that he signed only recently.

He also wants to find a local singer to join the show. “I love to find new talent, and I’m open to anything that Shanghai has for me,” Foster says.
For the concert, Foster will be playing the piano, singing and hosting, guiding audiences through golden hits from 1990-2000s such as I Will Always Love You, Hard to Say I am Sorry and I Swear to Power of Love.

Video: HAYLEY WESTENRA – David Foster and Friends Bangkok Nov 5, 2012



Hayley Westenra sings I Dreamed A Dream, Amazing Grace and The Prayer at David Foster and Friends in Bangkok Thailand last November 5, 2012