David Foster inside his L.A. apartment [DailyMailTV Interview-Pics&Video]

David Foster golden records






David Foster took DailMailTV inside the Los Angeles apartment

Their gargantuan Malibu home bowled viewers over on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But since splitting from his wife Yolanda, one of the show’s former stars, legendary music producer David Foster has been living the single life in a trendy L.A. bachelor pad which DailyMailTV can now exclusively reveal photographs of.

This week, father-of-four David, 67, showed off the apartment which boasts its owns recording studio and his unrivaled collection of awards.

‘I’ve had the place for about 12 years but I just sort of moved back in about a year ago,’ Foster, 67, said as he welcomed DailyMailTV host Brandi Williams inside.

‘You know I miss Malibu but I don’t miss having to take care of that big, big home that we had.

‘It was beautiful, but I’m very happy here,’ he said, reflecting on his new, simplified abode.

David and Yolanda were married for four years but had been together for almost 10 when they parted ways in January 2016.

During their marriage, their enormous Malibu home – where they raised her supermodel daughters Gigi and Bella Hadid – featured prominently on the Bravo show.

Foster still has a relationship with the girls, who he says are doing ‘amazing’ in their careers.

‘I mean divorce puts a strain on everybody, yeah but Gigi and Bella are doing amazing and they’re so busy that I don’t talk to them much but we do text, yeah we’re still good,’ he said.

He is happy their mother has found a new home too in a farm on the East Coast, near New York City.

Their romantic split came as Yolanda, 53, was in the grips of Lyme Disease, a health struggle she has since documented in her memoir.

David features unfavorably in the book but, he insists, there are no hard feelings.

‘Yolanda had to write a book about her journey with her disease. In a way, I was a little bit of a drive by shooting in the book, but uhm, we’re all good now.

‘She’s happy, she’s healthy. She’s with her kids in New York, she’s on her farm. In a ten year, nine-year relationship you can find ten bad things to say about anybody.

‘And it’s a little disappointing that she went there a few times but the main thing is she’s happy, she’s healthy and her and I are good,’ he said.
He denied previous reports that her health battle contributed to their break-up, he adding: ‘No I don’t think it did.’

David Foster revealing a health problem

In his interview with DailyMailTV, Foster also revealed for the first time a recent health scare of his own.

‘This is a thing called A-Fib which is just an irregular heart beat and it’s not age related and it’s not gender related and it just came out of nowhere. It’s just something you have to live with. Hopefully, you live with it,’ he said.

Since parting ways with Yolanda, the composer, who is responsible for all-time hits including Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’, has been linked to more than one red-carpet regular.

Sightings have included rumored dates with Elizabeth Hurley and Christie Brinkley, which Foster laughed off: ‘I have a really good life.’

But no one has sparked more fan excitement than Katharine McPhee, 33. The pair were spotted strolling through Brentwood, California, last week and McPhee was even seen placing her hand on Foster’s behind in what appeared to be a show of affection.
Foster’s daughters, Sara and Erin, who he says are ‘hilarious’, both seemed to approve of the budding romance.

Alas, he says it is not to be and insists the pair are just friends after striking up a rapport in 2005 when they both worked on American Idol.

‘Katherine and I have known each other since Idol, since she was twenty-one, and we’ve worked together and you know she’s super successful and people can just be friends you know?’ he said.

‘Do they always put their hands on your butt though? We saw those pictures,’ host Brandi Williams continued, prompting his laughing response: ‘Next Question.’



Foster’s aforementioned daughters both work as writers for HBO and Fox and have won the gushing pride of their famous father.

‘They’re smart girls. They’re very smart girls. Everybody should follow them on Instagram, their Insta-stories are so hilarious, it’s crazy,’ he said.
While his new pad doesn’t have all the stylized finishes as the home he shared with Yolanda (he admits his new refrigerator is not as show-stopping as the see-through door creation she installed in their old house), it is packed with proof of his legendary musical talent.

Dozens of Grammy awards sit atop his full-grand piano in the living room. It is this piano where Foster wrote Earth, Wind and Fire’s hit After The Love Has Gone.

If you’re going to be wrong, go big wrong

While most of his musical instincts are spot on, he admitted making one error in judgement when he told Celine Dion not to record My Heart Will Go On.

‘I said it you record this song it will ruin your career. That’s how wrong I was. But, if you’re going to be wrong go big wrong,’ he joked.

There is also a recording studio on site. ‘You have to have a studio, I have studio wherever I go. And of course, now it’s so compact because everything is all digital. It’s simple but it works,’ Foster said.

While his focus on music continues, he is also devoted to continuing to raise funds for The David Foster Foundation. Its recent 30th anniversary dinner raised more than $10million.

The foundation provides financial support for non-medical expenses to families with children in need of life-saving organ transplants.

Source: DailyMailTV

Mary J. Blige,Foster & Bocelli Sang Passionate Haiti Song At The Grammys


Mary J. Blige


Seasoned R&B star, Mary J. Blige, Canadian musician David Foster,and Italian pop tenor, Andrea Bocelli performed a Haiti relief song at the 2010 Grammy Awards called, “Bridge over Troubled Waters.” Producer, Wyclef Jean came onstage to introduce them. Then Andre Bocelli started off the performance. He sung beautifully. Then Mary J. Blige came out to join him and delivered some powerful notes with her strong voice. She sang with a lot of passion. Then Andrea joined in again,and they sang some verses together (clip below).

Towards the end, Mary really got into it more,and started hitting higher notes while Andrea just tried to support the song as best he could,but this was Mary’s performance indeed. However, Andrea did get some good high notes in near the end of the song,along with Mary. They gave a very passionate performance. They ended the song to a very big applause from the crowd.


David Foster eager to add to Grammy haul


David Foster


From CBC News:

Canadian-born music producer David Foster is up for his 16th Grammy — out of 46 nominations over three decades — when the annual music awards are presented Sunday.

The excitement and desire to win recognition from others in the music industry are still there, he said.

“You don’t take the day off anymore. Maybe I did 30 years ago when I won my first Grammy, but not anymore. But it’s still exciting. I still have the hunger,” Foster said Wednesday in an interview with CBC’s Q cultural affairs show.

Foster is working behind the scenes at this year’s award ceremony in Los Angeles, producing a special number in support of Haiti. He wouldn’t say who is involved but promised it’s an “odd but great pairing.”

He is the producer who pulled together one of the original musical benefits — the Tears Are Not Enough fundraiser in 1985 for African famine relief —and he’s been involved in several benefits since then.

The recording academy that organizes the Grammys revealed Wednesday that Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli will perform Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water during the telecast.

In his 35-year career, Foster has worked with artists like Céline Dion, Bryan Adams, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. His latest Grammy nomination, shared with Jerry Hey, is for arrangement on British artist Seal’s cover of A Change is Gonna Come.

He said he didn’t hesitate when Seal wanted to cover the Sam Cooke song for his soul-inspired album.

“Seal is very respected, probably more than me, in crossing the lines musically,” Foster said. “The song choices we came up with together, some of which he had never heard before.”

Foster was classically trained before he became one of pop’s best-known producers. He was in Toronto this week producing a special on the Canadian Tenors for PBS.

The Tenors — Clifton Murray, Victor Micallef, Remigio Pereira and Fraser Walters — performed earlier this week with Sarah McLachlan at Toronto’s Koerner Hall.

Foster said his Grammy category will be awarded well before the main televised event, so he need not compose himself to lose.

“I was at the Grammys one year where I was nominated for seven awards and lost all seven. That was on television and that was tough,” he said.

David Foster among Grammy Awards nominees


David Foster


David Foster is among the 52nd Grammy Awards nominees:

Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)

An Arranger’s Award. (Artist names appear in parentheses.) Singles or Tracks only.

A Change Is Gonna Come
David Foster & Jerry Hey, arrangers (Seal)
Track from: Soul
[143/Warner Bros.]

Dedicated To You
Laurence Hobgood, arranger (Kurt Elling)
Track from: Dedicated To You: Kurt Elling Sings The Music Of Coltrane And Hartman
[Concord Jazz]

In The Still Of The Night
Thomas Zink, arranger (Anne Walsh)
Track from: Pretty World
[AtoZink Music]

My One And Only Thrill
Vince Mendoza, arranger (Melody Gardot)
Track from: My One And Only Thrill

Quiet Nights
Claus Ogerman, arranger (Diana Krall)
Track from: Quiet Nights

The show will be aired on CBS January 31, 2010.