MOCA 2012 – Evento collaterale Grey Night party

“Have you ever danced with the net in the pale moonlight?”

Come evento collaterale al MOCA 2012 e inaugurazione della mostra di Net & Contemporary Art “LAMPO”, si terrà presso l’ex Aurum la GREY NIGHT!
Di seguito le relative informazioni.

La Notte Grigia | il loto oscuro della forza
tre Audio/Video Performance Live on the Net per l’inaugurazione della mostra LAMPO | Net & Contemporary Art Exhibition
AURUM | FREE ENTRY | Air Conditioning

Performance #1
Jam sessions and experimental electronic music that will involve five performers:

Catodo: live coding with a Commodore 128
DJ Batman: vinyl and ethnic instruments, depending on the opportunity to see a turntable with flexi discs and dust off the famous two-handed technique of scratching, mixed with three non-electronic tools disturbance: rain stick, didgeridoo, Charonia Tritonis
The Dromer: drum machine, laptop and monome
Globster: sound sampler touch screen
Jaromil: intervene with some visuals with hasciicam.
Historic and unforgettable show!

Performance #2

Live set with original electronic music. Hanibal lives in Berlin, a past singer and guitarist in various bands, composes electronic music since 2003.
He has published with labels like JopRec, iM Electronic, 7Seas Records and Kutmusic, in countries such as Germany, Hungary and Italy.

Performance #3
*** Pulsating Humanity – Live Visuals & Ultra Low Frequency Sound ***

Nexus (Rome): Drum & Bass (NeuroFunk/Techstep) / Dubstep DJ Set
Simone Zaccagnini (Berlin): Live Visual Art (2 Level Projection) In streaming over the Internet from Berlin

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